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Leo the king of lions. Wallflowers beware. You tend to have lots of energy and can tread where others fear to. You like to keep control though and don't want others taking away your staring role even if it kills you. Just as well that you have a strong constitution then. Like a lion you can be intolerant, interfering, pompous and always think your vision is the right one even if it is not. You enjoy being at the centre of attention and seek the limelight in your career or social life. However you are a hard worker and have plenty of self-confidence to succeed in life. Charming, warm hearted, enthusiastic, affectionate, generous and honest are some of your best points. On the other hand you are impatient with others, immature and too direct. You are very loyal to those you love but you must also be able to respect them. Once you give your love, it doesn't easily change. What others don't know is that you can be sensitive and easily hurt but will rarely admit it.